Ft. Sutter Member-specific Meetings: Members can vote for who their leadership, both at a State-wide level and the section level.  Members are welcome to run for office and become part of the leadership team.  Members can attend PECG-sponsored lunches where they’ll be given updates on issues of concern to them and PECG’s efforts to address those issues.  Fort Sutter section also sponsors an annual outing of members and their families so they can get together with their fellow members outside the work environment.  Outings in the past have included a bowling party, an afternoon’s cruise on the Sacramento River, and a trip to San Francisco to visit the California Academy of Sciences. 

Exclusive Membership Rights: Only PECG members can vote to approve or reject the Unit 9 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which establishes the pay and benefits for all Unit 9 employees.  Only members can be elected to the PECG Board of Directors and local section office, and only PECG members vote in these elections.

Scholarship Program: PECG is proud to offer up to 15 scholarships, in the amount of $1,000 each, as a member-only benefit for PECG members and their dependents who are currently enrolled in a college or university in a PECG-related field of study. 

Representation: Members receive expert representation on employment and professional issues at the worksite, in the state Legislature and, if necessary, in court. Representation is provided by labor relations consultants, lawyers, or lobbyists who are experienced in representing state engineers on employment issues.
Communications: Every member receives the Informer, PECG's newsletter, can call in to PECG's telephone Hotline, or go to PECG's website for the latest information.  Periodic informational email messages and letters provide more detailed information.  PECG leaders and staff periodically hold meetings at worksites to present information and answer questions.

Retirement: Members that are retiring will receive a plaque from PECG for their time of service. Please notify Fort Sutter President a month before retiring.
Liberty Mutual Insurance: Only members get big savings on auto and home owner insurance premiums paid via payroll deduction. 

Insurance BenefitsPECG members automatically receive $5,000 of Basic Life insurance and $1,500 of Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) as a benefit of membership at no additional cost to themselves. 

Members have the option to purchase up to an additional $521,000 in life insurance, and up to $255,000 in dependents coverage.  Long-term disability insurance is also available, all at low group rates.  The low monthly premiums, paid for through payroll deduction, offer members an opportunity to provide security for their family members economically and conveniently.

Obtain a MasterCard through Chicago's Amalgamated Bank (upon credit approval).  To apply for your Union MasterCard, contact Amalgamated Bank on the Internet at or call 1-800-365-6464 and ask for a Union MasterCard application.

Theme Park and Consumer Discounts.  Members receive savings at theme parks such as Knott's Berry Farm, Marine World Africa USA and dozens more. Consumer discounts on car rentals are also available.

PECG Membership is available to rank-and-file, supervisory and managerial state engineers and related professionals employed in the civil service of the California State Government.