PECG Section Meeting:

May 28, 2019
The Members meeting we be held at the Masonic Temple in downtown Sacramento. Meeting will  provide information on our current MOU and answer members’ questions.  

May 9, 2018

Non-Members meeting. The meeting was held at the Cal/EPA building in downtown Sacramento. Ted Toppin, Chief Executive Officer was the guest speaker to the event.  A broader overview was presented to the attendees and discussed following primary benefits of being a member.

September 25, 2017

Joint section meeting with Sacramento section, Capital section, and  River City section. Guest speaker Gavin Newsom.

Fort Sutter Annual Outing:

September 22, 2018

Annual Membership Luncheon for Fort Sutter Section Members & Families.
Saturday, September 22, 12 PM - 10:00 PM at Six Flags,
1001 Fairgrounds, Vallejo, CA 94589.