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Our Committees

The Fort Sutter Bylaws, Article V, Paragraph 3 permit the FS Board President to create committees and appoint chairmen for such other committees as needed. The only required standing committee identified in the Fort Sutter Bylaws is the Elections Committee. Committees serve at the pleasure of the FS Board.

The FS Goals for 2022-2023 have been organized into the below categories for future exploration and to organize committees (as warranted) to achieve the goals. The FS Board of Directors invites any interested members to volunteer to contribute to these groups/potential committees.

  1. Elections Committee
    Organizes the next FS Section election
    Better define officer responsibilities in our bylaws
    Increase voter participation in PECG elections

  2. Membership Outreach/Recruitment
    Plan virtual or in person office hour: A program where members can come by, have coffee/doughnuts, and share member concerns
    Membership appreciation events/luncheon: Host coffee breaks, member lunchs, or similar events
    Updates to the mechanisms/processes we have been using for recruitment
    Recognition of years of FS membership
    Recognition of long-standing/outstanding FS Board participation
    Membership achievement recognition
    Retirement recognition

  3. Political Liaison
    Political outreach/communications
    Bargaining issues

  4. Website/Communications
    Website updates
    Monthly newsletter
    Quarterly newsletter to PECG

  5. Philanthropy
    PECG scholarships
    FS Section scholarships
    Giving to other causes of interest to members

  6. Climate Change Committee
    Share results from the FS Climate Change Survey with members who requested results
    Create a Climate Change Committee within PECG to facilitate collaboration across sections and engage members
    Research fossil fuel divestment

Please email us at fspecg@gmail.com if you are interested in joining a commitee.